Enjoy the rides!

Well, I hope this article doesn’t cause misunderstandings for some parties. Aiming that one day when I find myself being swayed by a very very low condition, I will find this writing and realize how strong I’ve been survived and alive until this day.

Many paths and events I’ve gone through to be able to where I am today. I am not a strong figure, nor a wise person that able to accept everything that happens. I am not a person who will move on easily. Complaining, regretting, I was exhausted because of my jealous thoughts and negativity against the surroundings.

This story might be started from when I had to postpone my college after finishing my secondary education. Even with 92 hours working every week, I still could not continue studying at that time. Spending a lot of time by self-hating but then I realized, it made me more human. It made me who I am today.

It was a publishing company that gave me an opportunity to work as a daily worker at that time. I was only paid IDR 20,000-30,000 per day where the nominal collected each month somehow was lower than the region’s minimum wage, I was dying to deal with all of that sh * ts. Worse yet, they stopped me after almost 3 months because the company was bankrupt.

It makes me laugh, every time I remember how for almost two months I was swaying in a big city, 12 hours far away from my hometown without a job, riding a friend’s kost, sometimes I only eat twice a day. I spent my time going to the post office, walking for miles in Hyundai Industrial Park, Delta Silicon, East Jakarta Industrial Park, and Jababeka Industrial Park. I don’t want to dramatize the situation but many urban do the same. What a sad and same story, behind the rampant developments, many of us are jobless.

The Sunshine

It was Saturday afternoon around two o’clock at the Lippo Cikarang post office. With a pile of brown envelopes on her left arm, a girl approached me. She told me to visit a labor agency. “there is a well-known Japanese company that is conducting massive recruitment of employees through the agency,” she said.

Sometimes the help comes at unexpected times and from unexpected people. Small things we did have extraordinary meaning for others.

The selection was very strict, I had to follow at least 5 test series. Shortly, after fighting with around 300 technical children, I was hired to work at that company, for production department.

My eyes were opened by a new world. The factory, its atmosphere was like when I was in school. Thousands of people worked in accordance with their respective departments and connected to each other. Interestingly, when the bell was sounded which pointed to break time, they immediately rushed to leave the workplace. It was the overwhelming rumbling of feelings. There was euphoria, like going back to school, I don’t know why but everything looks at the same age. And fun.


Have you ever learned something that you never imagined at all in a very short time? Will you believe it is a miracle? Or a great power within us is pushed out because the feeling of doesn’t want to be consumed by the situation. Without a machining background, I managed to consume every material about the production processes and the composition of each product. Without a square, I had to adapt in a very short time.

I got the news that my mother was in a coma when I planned to use my savings for college enrollment. I almost fainted in the middle of the production machine at that time. I dropped some of my screw and grease, it was like time stopped. I don’t want to say I was a strong person. My love for my family may not be as big as folks love their family. I never expected myself to be a family’s good boy.

“I personally think that there will never be enough goodness to compare your love to your parents. You just have to admit it, so don’t expect yourself to complete all that kind of stereotype requirements. Always try to think logically, you know your portion for yourself. You know your portion for family.”

Then what I did? well, I did not go home and look after my mother at the hospital. I asked for additional work to my leader (helping my father who was looking after my mother in the hospital). He allowed me to overtime without asking much and why did I ask for additional work time. (Thank you for trusting me, Mr. Amir)!

I worked on Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m and the additional overtime on Saturdays would be from 6 a.m until 8 p.m. Several months passed, my father gave a piece of good news that my mother improved her health and she was at home. All the flowers blossom.

Contrarily, I had to deal with another case. Working in a factory especially operating a production machine has high accidents potential. In this case, I had to be a witness when my colleague’s finger was pressed against the press machine. I was the operator. I was there and this was also a separate blow for me. 🙁

This was what became my starting point, I increasingly realized that working with a production machine was not my capacity, although many people praised my adaptability skills, there was a figure who roared inside. It insisted to came out, said that I had to get up, get out of this circle. Considering that my mother’s condition had improved, it was a perfect time to plan to continue my study. Again.

Fell Again

A few weeks later, I got news from my Supervisor that there was management changing and they decided that the subdivision where I work will be overhauled and there will be no permanent hiring.

The story was repeated, like a cycle.

His name is Daru, his employment contract also ran out by the end of my working period. Feeling in common, this kind-hearted man actively invited me around to look for a job with his motorcycle. Also on several occasions, I still spent time walking around the industrial area alone when he was lazy looking for work. Usually, I would not stop until I felt my legs have almost come off.

Sometimes, it is okay to make fun of yourself. I considered this as at least an exercise. Burning my calories. Well actually, getting around using Daru’s motorbike, our door to door-job applying was getting farther, we even went to Karawang Industrial Estate also Purwakarta area. What a tiring and unforgettable experience.

For almost four months we had been unemployed and it came to the condition where the rest of our savings were running low. Daru was almost desperate to find a job, he thought of opening a business with all the rest of his savings.

We had very different condition, I didn’t have enough supplies so I am the one here who kept burning of looking for a job. One day, I saw a factory employee in a funny uniform, like sports clothes. Spontaneously, I asked Daru to stop the motorbike then approached the security guard and asked if there was a vacancy. The security guy mentioned that there was an employee recruitment test that several days, told me to try sending my application via post.

And the story goes

A week after, HR from that company called me. Following a long series of recruitment processes, I was successfully hired. Shortly, a few months after I returned to the factory life I was faced with a drama. The production division was looking for a staff where the applicant could be from the internal company. My instincts ventured myself to ask if I could apply for that position and follow the test, they allowed me.

On the other hand, one of the factory leaders did not allow me to take the test. This person-I respect turned into a rude person and start doing something crazy that was too far from the portion of professionalism. Talking about the test, I was evaluated doing some logic calculations with many excel formulas along with other applicants. There were about 10 series of tests that I went through before they finally decided mine as the winner. I was so happy, I believed I did something good. I was only a high school graduate compared to other applicants who are Bachelor graduates who definitely had better qualifications than mine.

Good for you, not necessarily good for some people in particular. As a production staff, my role was to help the supervisor’s task including controlling the productivity of the company which I would need to work closely with the Leader. Many dramas I experienced, dirty and rude words were often thrown and even a few times I was almost hit by the leader. It was like a bully in the working environment.

I was almost desperate and wanted to resign, but I realized that I worked not only for myself. I worked for my future and to help my parents so I burned my spirit a lot. Those dramas made me more and more strong, I even managed to continue my studies. I successfully contributed to developing some production system improvements.

Moving on from manufacturing life, I had the opportunity to work for an FMCG company. My responsibility was getting higher because I had to control and maintain the project journey plan of around 700 employees spread across several regions of Indonesia. I might say the drama in this company was not as bad as manufacturing.

I sometimes think when we are intimidated, if we are in the right portion we will create or contribute more for our moves. There is a strong sense that we want to prove ourselves. So let your limits be your power.

In doing a job, there will always be parts that you like and parts that you won’t like. It could be an activity, it could also be an environment, or event the person. There will always be people who hate you, criticize you, sidetrack you, no matter good or bad you do. That’s just how it’s supposed to be.

It is not about crying on the corner of the room realizing that you will lose all of the things you have and the feelings that you are afraid you cannot do the same as other. Well, it is about how to build yourself without nothing. All the tears, all the sweats size your power and capabilities.

And not forget to mention that there will always be people along the way who will try to undercut your success. It is not about how to make them stop. But it’s about how persistence you keep focussing on the work and how you do to not let them sidetrack you. Because someday you will realize how precious are those assignments.

Finally, thank you for the memories at the factory, I am very grateful to have you! I became more human. I enjoy the rides 🙂

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