To all the jobs I’ve applied before!

Hello Battler!

This note was inspired by the time I spoke for an event held by Aiesec Indonesia. I was invited to represent our company and explain the role of business intelligence and surprisingly, a student raised his hand. Asked how my career journey is and how I anchored myself in the current workplace instead of asking the materials we were discussing.

May 2019, I currently work for a Singapore-based StartUp Business Intelligence Software company namely Holistics Software. I am responsible for the operational tasks in Indonesia. Anyway, this is my very first time working in StartUp industry and arguably is the most challenging work I’ve experienced so far. I could say, it deeply requires me to explore the capabilities within myself.

I didn’t say that the companies I’ve worked before were not this awesome. Well, that’s definitely not! They have their respective portions. In addition, indeed starting a career in Indonesian corporate company (with all of its combination of structured and hard culture activities) certainly is a very valuable lesson that cannot be forgotten, also considered as one of the factors forming unique professionalism at work. Those lead the attitude and how you drive passion.

I am not a good nor brilliant one. I am no better than anyone else’ stories, I am sure everyone has their own paths. The journey is not just about complaining about our limitations and not about anger or feeling intimidated by the rejections we got from several companies when you want to start a career or change your direction. Looking in more details, this journey actually involves how strong we endure our capabilities to eat all of the shits and how much we learn to swallow it.

I have applied for nearly more than 560 Jobs from LinkedIn, this number excludes how many applications sent through TechInAsia, Jobstreet, JobsId, Kalibrr, and other popular job platforms in Indonesia. Can’t remember exactly but there are almost a thousand jobs applied and hundreds of interview I visited. You might ask, what role did I apply for from those huge rejections and skips.

The roles that I applied are not far from Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Administrators, Finance, and Human Resources. Those HR Managers might be wondering that a lot of the majors taken to apply for the job and how the hell I have been brave enough to apply for those jobs. Then by considering my background, they certainly would doubt my abilities.

I always love to learn new things. Sometimes, I was driven to not only being able to execute the things I was asked. There’s a little ambition that I need to have it done outperforms the stereotypes. In the past, I had the opportunity to work in the production section of a Japanese corporation and was responsible for the whole production operations. While maintaining 192 employees, my duties were not just a role of production support but also including quality, cost, delivery, human resource, and general affair. As complimentary, learning information systems in the college got me realized that in the environments, what we do is basically based on input-process-output. As we know how the patterns are, how to work with it, then we nailed it!

I happened to work for a well-known FMCG company in Indonesia and was responsible for the marketing strategy for 792 merchandisers in my last degree at school. I was only an agency contract employee but hmm, do I got limited knowledge?

I would say I learned a lot. However, the lessons came from two sides, agency life and principle and in my opinion, as long as we learn quickly in many cases, we enjoy doing it, and we are confident in doing so, then whatever role we have to act, we certainly perform well automatically!

You know what, because actually in working, as long as we are still an employee, so we are an executioner. We are required to execute something that works for business and in executing, we definitely have to inevitably deal with kinds of the tool that should be used. Our fundamental mission is actually more in about our willingness to contribute to the series of procedural and predetermined tools and rules cause actually all the majors in the company are interconnected!

Perhaps, just perhaps most of the people only focus on the task that they have to complete but I think you own your valuable time to do more. Not to just contribute best, but for the best of yours.

I also frequently got some questions, even get guessed, where I carry out the knowledge, where did I study. They mentioned University A, University B, and top universities in the archipelago. Is this very important? Whether a campus or a good school gives company insurance and is responsible if its students could not provide revenue.

Interestingly, there were rejections because I don’t hold a title from the popular campus in my country. Stepping back to where if we have a chance and asked to choose, of course, we definitely would go to the best campus we could. Everyone’s abilities and opportunities are different.

For the people out there who trapped in this old school paradigm, I’d like to say that we probably can pay the school fees, but we will never buy the experiences that place you to where you are today.

Hmm, back to the hundreds of jobs applied, I’d like to thank hundreds of HR Practitioners very much for the very valuable lesson, from the many discussions have done. Those helped me find myself. Makes me happy with all my limitations to contribute to broadening the horizon.

That’s a bit of a story from the experiences of looking for a job! I hope it helps those who start a career! So, do not give up! You are not alone 🙂

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