There are many versions of me out there, it is an amusing reality that comes with doing what I do. And, here! I am going to give you my version. I am not sure how I got here. But somewhere along the line, I learned to enjoy sharing with others. Call me Yahya! I currently live in Jakarta but originally, I come from a really small village in eastern Madiun, East Java. Most people there work on the surrounding farms or in the construction industry and there’s a good sense of community.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got any specific hobbies, but I like meeting my friends, being crazy and all that kind of stuff. Sometimes I ended up my day by just sitting on the Cafe with my MacBook looking for something great on the internet! Streaming, I would be die without it.

This collection of the posts, pictures, and other elements follow what most of I go through after experiencing a painful heartbreak, cheerful happiness, a dramatic tragedy, and all of the unforgettable moments. Take a deep breath, let’s make this journey an awesome one!